Texas Bluebonnet Pictures!


The bison were extra majestic with this fantastic sunset we got while doing this sweet family session.

We can get closer to them with the fence as a barrier, but we still stay safe with the ranch foreman nearby, looking out for enthusiastic buffalo that get out of line. They are pretty chill most of the time though, and it’s never been an issue, but we like to stay vigilant!

The littlest boy wanted to find all the grasshoppers and butterflies he could! Look how pretty the bluebonnets were after a good rain 🙂

I love that I got this picture of dad, because I usually focus on mom, and I try to remember that dad needs a kickass profile picture too!!

I also love that I got to pay special attention to mom and dad since the boys were having so much fun just being out in the fields, catching bugs and petting the horse.

If you’ve never done a session at my Hill Country bison ranch in Lometa, TX, you’re missing out on a super fun and unique photoshoot. We have beautiful skies, beautiful views, and of course, bomb sunsets!

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