5 of The Best Pediatricians in Austin

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Finding a pediatrician you can trust can be totally overwhelming. There are so many to choose from, and you’ve probably gotten several recommendations from your friends with kids. Remember that just because your neighbor Barbara loved their pediatrician 20 years ago doesn’t mean you need to use them. 

Choosing a Pediatrician

Before making an appointment with the first one you hear of, it’s important to do your research. There are A LOT of options out there, and not every pediatrician is going to be the best option in Austin for you. Again, just because they worked for someone else doesn’t mean they will have everything you and your kiddos need. At the end of the day, this is about making sure your kids are getting the best care in any situation. 

You should make sure that they hold the same beliefs you do, and that they’ll listen to your concerns. As far as pediatricians in Austin go, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at the best pediatricians in Austin and see which one is right for you. 

Pediatric Associates of Austin 

The Pediatric Associates of Austin was opened in 1974, and its office is tucked between Tarrytown and Rosedale. The good news is they’re located centrally so you can get there from any neighborhood, but the bad news is you have to deal with inbound traffic if you live outside Central Austin. This office has 8 board-certified pediatricians, so you’ll be sure to find someone you like. There’s also an on-site lab so you won’t have to cart your kids around for testing. 

This office provides after-hours services on evenings and weekends because every mom knows kids don’t get sick between the hours of 9-5. They also practice SportsSafe which focuses on injuries such as concussions which can often be overlooked. 

Bee Caves Pediatrics 

If you live in Central Austin, this Bee Caves Pediatrics is a little out of the way but worth the trek. We recommend them as one of the best pediatricians in Austin for a number of reasons. This family-owned business is home to four pediatricians, and a physician’s assistant. They offer specialized care for expecting parents including free prenatal consultations. 

Something special about this office that you probably aren’t thinking about when you’re looking for the best pediatricians in Austin is ear piercing. Bee Caves Pediatrics offers medical ear piercing services to keep your child away from the dreadful guns at the Piercing Pagoda. 

Austin Regional Clinic Pediatrics 

Another one of the best pediatricians in Austin is Austin Regional Clinic Pediatrics. One of the reasons this one makes the list is that there are several ARC locations all over the Austin area. They provide 24/7 access to nurses over the phone, and since there are so many offices it’s easy to get same-day care. Kids don’t like to have accidents or become sick when it’s convenient, so being able to bring them in on the same day you notice something is wrong is crucial for many mamas. The hours at ARC are longer than traditional offices, so you can make night and weekend appointments along with telehealth. 

Austex Pediatrics 

Austex Pediatrics is located in Southwest Austin. This office has three board-certified pediatricians. Their website states that they strive to provide the highest quality care that’s individualized for every patient. 

The last thing you want when you go to a pediatrician is for them not to listen to you. The doctors at Austex partner with mamas to make sure they are also getting what they need during their child’s care. They also offer after-hours care for when accidents happen and many resources on their website. Services include 24/7 on-call physicians and prenatal visits at lunchtime. 

BeanSprout Pediatrics

 BeanSprout Pediatrics is one of the best pediatricians in Austin, as well. There are four locations around the city including Austin/BeeCave, Austin/Belterra, Dripping Springs, and Spicewood. They offer in-person as well as telehealth visits, too. All of their pediatricians are board-certified that provide evidence-based care for your little ones. 

BEanSprout offices provide a variety of different services from ADHD screenings to allergy testing. They also offer prenatal visits and postpartum care such as lactation counseling. They pretty much do it all over at Beansprouts Pediatrics, which is why they are one of the best pediatricians in Austin. 

Grow Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine 

Grow Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine is an office not only for your little ones but your teenagers as well. According to Grow’s website, they promote wellness by focusing on healthy growth and using evidence-based practices throughout their team. They provide services for children of all ages. 

They have a team of 4 board-certified pediatricians to assist you and your child with any care you may need. The office is located in Central Austin just west of Hyde Park. You can get to it easily just off of Mopac if you’re coming from north or south, as well. 

Taking your little ones to the doctor can be stressful for them, and for you. Grow focuses on making the process as easy as possible. They just renovated their facilities and have a lab where you can accompany your child if they need to get bloodwork or other testing done. It’s already enough that you’ve had to bring them in, the rest should be easy! This is a big reason why Grow is one of the best pediatricians in Austin. 

The Bottom Line 

To sum it up, there is a seemingly endless number of pediatricians in the Austin area. Finding the best pediatricians in Austin for you is going to be different than it is for someone else. It’s always important to do your research. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few potential pediatricians, call the office and ask some questions before making an appointment. They understand how overwhelming this decision is for you, and the best pediatricians in Austin will be willing to help you before making an appointment!