The Client Closet


Most people that book a session with me don’t realize until their welcome email that I have an ever-growing client closet of gowns for them to choose from. I’d like to highlight some of the things that I have in this post. I try to get dresses that fit a wide range of sizes and are adjustable to get the most bang for my buck, some of these can get pricey!

The Gaint Ruffle Robe!!!

This robe is seriously 10 feet long! I have to hang it from my rails on my stairs to steam it! But it really adds drama to the mama who wants to make a statement.

I actually have this dress is two colors because my clients love it so much! It’s not too imposing but is still very beautiful. The material allows light to pass through in such a magnificent way!

This dress is one I will probably buy in red because I think it will be absolutely GORG for Christmas photos!

I love the flowy-ness of this olive green dress, although it’s not as versatile in terms of sizing as my other dresses. It’s an XL and it’s hanging off of me as a medium, but not too bad.

This blue dress was an easy buy and it seriously fits sooo many different sizes and photographs pretty well! I like how it reminds me of denim and tends to match more than you would think.

The Blue Dot Dress

I have a lot (and more coming in the mail!) for kids…

This is by NO MEANS everything in my client closet. Seriously, it’s a lot. I do have a page on my site where I try to keep an updated list but sometimes it gets put on the back burner. If there’s a certain color or style you want, just ask, I probably have something for you!

My client closet is available to anyone who books with me for a regular session and in limited amounts for my limited sessions since I do multiple shots all on the same day for those.