Sweet Lifestyle Newborn Shoot in Hutto, TX

Family, Newborn

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted just about a session and it’s time for me to show off this newborn session that I absolutely loved!

What I really love about in-home lifestyle sessions is that I get to incorporate the family’s style into the photos. What parents choose to decorate their home with is special because it reflects so much more than aesthetics. This family had cream and teal in their home which created a bold yet warm and inviting mood to the images.

newborn baby photography

When it comes to indoor sessions, I need to crank my ISO up pretty high. Even though I brought a light with me to this session, I didn’t use it too much because there’s no replacement for natural light. With a high ISO however, comes grain 😨

But it’s okay. I actually left some grain in there because it contributes to the lifestyle, home-y feel. I started off shooting film and I was always a fan of the grain. If I want to get rid of it, though, I use a program called Topaz DeNoise AI. I simply run the image through the program and adjust the amount of grain I want to take out. It’s a pretty baller program.

This family had so many sentimental things to include in their photos; dad’s baby crib, lamb stuffy, and lamb gifts from the proud grandparents. Little brother even had lamb gifts for baby.

Speaking of, little brother was so adorable and such an attentive older sibling. I love how personalities of children can be captured honestly during lifestyle sessions.

Adorable overalls available in my client closet 😄

I hope to be making more blog posts about this sweet family in the future! There’s so many special moments to capture 💕

Dad actually MADE this swing!