Updates at Bison Cove Ranch

My World

Aside from allowing me to create the beautiful images you see, Bison Cove Ranch offers so much more than aesthetics. It’s a truly inspiring place where you can feel the energy of nature and that’s what motivates me to invite you all out here to experience this place I have the privelege of calling home.

Sam and I decided some time ago to pursue opening a wedding venue at the ranch. We want to share this magic we feel when we spend time out in the wild nature of Bison Cove. A wedding is one of the biggest days of someone’s life and it’s important to spend it in a place that means something.

We’ve given ourselves a two-year timeline. This past month we started the clearing process in the 20-ish acre spot we want to have the venue. This includes a bridal and grooms suite, 2 ceremony spots to choose from and an open structure to have receptions.

Sam has plans to create an enclosed water circulation system that will pump water from the tank all the way to the other side of the venue, and flow back down in the form of a bubbling creek. This will be a water feature, yes, but it also helps the land to stay healthy. Currently, the creek going to and from the tank only flows a few times a year so the tank can get stagnant. We want to change that.

We will still be a working buffalo ranch, so we need to put up fencing around the venue to keep curious buffalo out. They LOVE to tear things up!

We also need electricity, plumbing, septic, and all the things that come with loving comfortably. So in our two year timeline, we want to at least have these things in place and the land mostly ready. The structures may come after the two year mark, depending on how much I can save from my portrait business.

It’s a lot to do and it will be hard work, but we chose this path because we both have entreprenuers spirit and Sam wants to work closer to home. We hope to make the venue, ranch, and my photography business our full-time gig. Sam currently is home only half the time because of his job and he misses spending time with our two young daughters. I really want this to give him the freedom to watch his girls grow up and be here all the time.