Why You Don’t Need to Stress About Posing During Your Maternity Session


One of the biggest stressors I hear from my maternity clients is looking “bad” in thier photos. What they mean to say is they’re not confident in thier ability to pose for the camera. I’m not shooting professional models, so that’s a very valid concern. But really, I don’t want you to worry about that at all. Leave everything to me and trust me when I say you’re gonna look like a goddess!

Dripping Springs, TX

One of the biggest things that sets me apart as photographer is my ability to capture natural, lightly posed moments. Even though I leave the natural interactions up to you, I still find all your best angles and I promise to tell you if something looks off!

Pregnant women are so beautiful, inside and out. It’s such an honor to be able to photograph them during this special time in their lives. As a maternity photographer, one of the questions I get asked the most is “will you make us pose?” or “what kind of poses should we do?”. And my answer is always the same, “don’t worry, I got you”. Here are some “rules” I keep when photographing these super important sessions:

1. Always have a hand on the belly, or accentuate the bump.

Bison Cove Ranch, Lometa

This is important because, as a formerly pregnant woman, I know that if you sit the wrong way you just look like you went too hard in the buffet line. I need your photos to scream “beautiful glowing pregnancy”, not “bloated and wanting to nap”.

2. Let the kids be kids!

Goldthwaite, TX

It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and forget they’re just children. You’ll look back on these pictures with a smile, remembering how much fun it was when your child was younger. And kids are just the best! They let you be yourself, and it’s so easy to get caught up in their fun. These pictures will remind you of those times when they were just being honest or mischievous – either way I love them all too much not to take this opportunity for some super fun, candid and playful shots!

If you’re worried about your kids misbehaving, I’ve got a whole blog post on that!

3. Beautiful Surroundings in the Heart of Texas

I love shooting at my ranch, Bison Cove Ranch because it’s so easy to get caught up in the beauty of the land. As a native Texan, I invite you to savor the native plants and fauna at the ranch and truly feel like a part of this peice of Texas paradise, even if you’re not a native Texan. That’s the spirit of Texas, friendly, welcoming, and proud of the beautiful state we get to call home. We love sharing this experience with everyone!

Sky High Ranch, Lometa

It’s hard not to feel the wonder of nature when pregnant. I always choose places that make me feel that connection, because what is pregnancy if it isn’t one of nature’s most beautiful moments for women? So even if you aren’t able to make the drive to the heart of the hill country, I will put my expert scouting expereince to use and find a spot to capture you naturally.

So don’t stress about poses during your maternity photography session with me – I’ve got you covered! 🙂 Just relax and enjoy the moment. You’re going to look amazing in your pictures no matter what!