Lifestyle Newborn Vs. Studio Newborn Photography

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The term “lifestyle” is used to describe a popular documentary-like style of photography. There is a difference, though. Documentary style is capturing life as it happens, with little to no styling, posing, or direction. I honestly love this type of photography but when a newborn is involved, and when you’re going to be hanging these pictures on your walls for the rest of your life, styling becomes a little more important.

“Studio” newborn photography is generally done in, you guessed it, a studio. But I bring my studio to you.

I find that babies tend to be in a better mood all around when they don’t have to get in the car and go anywhere and mom and dad aren’t giving out stressed vibes because let’s be honest, it’s stressful taking a newborn somewhere, even more so now because of covid.

I plan out what colors and props to bring, and swaddle your baby in various styles. Studio newborn photography requires mountains of patience and calm nerves. Sometimes it can take an hour to get baby settled enough to take the shots that come from professionally posing newborns.

Which One is Right For Me?

I would suggest looking up “newborn photography” on Pinterest, making your board based off what stands out to you, then take a look at it. Are there more family-centric or candid shots, or more sweet, just baby swaddled shots. If you’re not sure, just shoot me your board (I’ll ask for it anyway) and I’ll tell you what you’re leaning toward.

At that point, you need to decide if you want totally studio or totally lifestyle. I can do a hybrid of both, but I won’t be doing some of the more complicated studio shots, and you may not have as much variety in your family shots.

Some moms opt for a newborn-only studio session simply because they don’t feel like getting hair and makeup done, and just want to hand baby over and let me do my thing. That’s completely understandable and I’ll be able to focus more time on baby and getting those super cute poses.