Cake Smash at Bison Cove Ranch

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Okay, when we did this shoot, it was COLD. Like in the low 50’s. But I had already bought the flowers, made the cake, planned the whole thing out…

So I loaded the whole family up and everyone sat in the running car in the middle of the ranch while I took pictures of the cake. Then, I motioned to my husband, Sam, to bring Amelia over to do a quick, 5 minute cake smash!

She was mostly interested in the flowers. Even when Sam tried to shove cake in her mouth, she was unimpressed. Unlike newborn photography, cake smashes are usually pretty unpredictable and you have to think quick to keep up with whatever the littles want to do.

We got back into the car to warm up, then the bison showed up so I set up a chair and took just a few pictures before rushing back to the car. Photography is like that sometimes. A little discomfort is worth it.

After the sun went down a little more, we got back to the cake smash for another 5 minutes and then called it good! The temperature was going down FAST!! The Texas hill country is interesting because golden hour changes depending on where you’re standing. Some locations on the ranch have a beautiful orange-pink glow and others immediatley fall into the blue hour shadow. It’s so fun experimenting with the many locations on our ranch.

If you were wondering, the cake was lemon with a light coating of vanilla icing and it was delicious!