A Family Buffalo Feeding Outing at Bison Cove Ranch

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Bison Cove Ranch is the name of me and my husband’s ranch where we raise buffalo, horses, and chickens. We also have a vegetable garden and of course, I do maternity and family photography at the many gorgeous locations around the ranch.

Lometa is nestled in the almost exact center of Texas. That’s why I’m able to travel to Waco, Temple, Georgetown, North Austin and beyond. I can cover a lot of ground partially because I’m so used to driving at least an hour to get to any kind of shopping. It’s very quiet out here except for the occasional train, which runs right next to our ranch and you can see from the house.

Just like everyone else with kids, leaving the house for any reason at all is a production. Even though we are staying on the property, we don’t want to get caught in the middle of the ranch with a screaming baby and no bottle, diapers, or wipes. Amelia needs to be changed, fed, and dressed properly before we head out in our ATV, bags of horse and buffalo feed in tow.

Amelia is patiently waiting for Sam to load the gator up with feed.

Pippin waits, too.

It’s a quick drive over the culvert and through the gate to the buffalo.

We currently have 4 young buffalo on our ranch as we are still building cross fences and getting our ranch back to native grasses for more buffalo to be able to graze. My in-laws at Legacy Valley Ranch have the majority of the buffalo, around 50 head.

The cows in the next pasture are very curious and always try to beg for scraps.

Now, the horses know something is up…

Stitch is the dark brown horse and Diesel is the lighter one. 

Look, I don’t pretend to be a horse person. I have no idea about horses, that’s my husband’s thing. I just ride every now and then and I know basic care. That’s all anyone can ask of this city girl.

Of course, I had to stop and take pictures of the local flora.

Tally and Pippin tag along and Tally loves to play in the tank, even when it’s almost dry. It’s been a dry fall so hopefully we can get some good rainfall this winter!

Pippin loves to run alongside the gator, and he can easily outrun us! We always talk about how he’s the perfect dog. A real dog’s dog. So happy and dopey, but smart and so athletic. He really loves life on the ranch.

As we head back, we are treated to a beautiful sunset. A common occurrence around here but always appreciated!